Solar Windows & Blinds

Photovoltaic glass

A BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics) product, currently developed in Poland. Semi-transparent perovskite foil, sealed between glass sheets and seamlessly integrated into the facade.  Coming Mid-Late 2022

Solar Sunblinds

A BAPV (building-applied) solution of kinetic sun breakers. Control the light you let inside and harvest energy from the sun. Coming Mid-Late 2022

Perovskite solar modules

Perovskite solar is an emerging thin-film technology of photovoltaics. Being developed for a few years only, it has already outrun conventional PV technologies in many applications. Some of its unique features are high performance in various light conditions, negligible thickness, and weight, easy and cheap production method with inkjet-printing.

The perovskite solar modules integrated with the sun breakers solution can be printed on thin, flexible substrates, in a variety of different colors. They can be easily adapted to the optimized curvature of the sun breakers and the design of the building.