Save Energy with Solar Power

By Zerosolar NZ

Apr 20, 2021

“Going off the grid”. This is a term that is becoming more and more popular today. It simply means that one is no longer dependent upon a power company for his energy needs, thus no longer part of their power grid. The current global trend of going green is picking up momentum at a geometrical rate and a popular choice is building a solar panel array. There are companies that will install an array of solar panels but there are certain advantages of a homemade solar panel.

Harnessing the Sun’s Power

A solar power is really quite a simple contraption, with moderately complex parts. There are three basic components:

  • Solar cells – these could be made of highly processed silicone or copper. It will trap the sun’s light, convert it into electricity.
  • Wires and meters – any old garden variety wires or cables that electric charge can pass through (the most conductive and affordable are copper wires) and a meter to measure the voltage of electricity going in and out.
  • Battery – this component is powered by the current, and is where electricity will be stored. From these batteries, anything electric can be powered by the energy stored within and accessed through another set of wires.

The question is: why does it cost a lot to have them installed?

After all, aside from the moral directive of trying to save the planet from fossil fuel, another good reason to go solar is to save money. In essence, having a green energy company install these solar panels means also having to pay for their overhead expenses (employees, shop-fronts, advertising), none of which really make the solar panels perform any better.

Solution: Build it yourself

There really is nothing wrong with paying for someone else’s labors, but having to pay for their staples and paperclips as well is a bit too much, especially if it is something that one can do for oneself. Here are a few advantages of a homemade solar panel:

  • Per panel, a solar panel builder can save a minimum of $200 dollars, and a house will need more than just one to go off the grid;
  • Building one’s own solar array means that they can customize it to their own tastes and needs;
  • If they learn it well enough, they could establish their own solar array shop and help the rest of the neighborhood go green;
  • Being able to build something with one’s own two hands is both practical and socially conscious which gives one a sense of accomplishment that no money can buy.

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